NSS Description

The College proposes to start an N.S.S. unit. Students will be enrolled as N.S.S. volunteers as per the directives and guidelines issued by the N.S.S unit of the University Of Mumbai. Students will be encouraged to participate in various social service activities throughout the year.

EVENT : Achievements of the year

  • Mr. Ashwin Sadanandan and Ms. Shruti Shetty participated in 5 days Leadership Training Camp organised by NSS Cell at University of Mumbai.
  • Volunteers received at cash prize of Rs. 11,000/- from MAA NGO for performing skit.
  • NSS Volunteers won 3rd Prize in skit competition organised by MAVA NGO. The topic for skit was “Transgender – To have equal rights”.
  • Mr. Balaji Banate was selected to participate in 2 day Raigad Parikrama.
  • Mr. Balaji Banate was selected for Yes Foundation Fellowship.
  • Mr. Devansh Desai participated in 10 days AVHAAN camp at Aurangabad.
  • EVENT : College Level Activities

  • Yoga Day:-As without fitness our volunteers haven’t been so active to do all the events so far we have been conducted. Yoga day was conducted in our college auditorium for all the volunteers so that they can be fit and fine for further activities.
  • Blood Donation Camp:-On 16th September 2017, the total numbers of blood bottles collected were above 161 during this program. On the same day of the blood donation camp, thalassemia check-up and hemoglobin check-up was also conducted.
  • S.S. Week Celebration:- This year we celebrated N.S.S week in our college by conducting various competition with an NGO named “United for Road safety”. We conducted competitions like Quiz, JAM and Poster Making, etc.
  • EVENT : Camp activities

    A 7 days residential camp was organised at Bhalivali, Virar and various social activities were conducted at Belvadi village.

    1. Construction of Bandara: A 1 ft Bandara was constructed by our volunteers. The Bandara acted as an obstacle for flowing water and the level of water started increasing. Due to this the villagers will not have problem of scarcity of water. Two Bandaras were constructed.
    2.  Slipper Distribution: Around 300 slippers were distributed to school going children at Belvadi
    3. Drawing competition at Z.P.School, Belvadi
    4. Snake awareness session was conducted for volunteers and also for villagers.

    5. Session on Nasha Mukti Kendra for making villagers understand the harmful effects of consuming tobacco.

    EVENT : Innovative Activities

  • An initiative was taken to set up a library at Z.P.Kanchad School, Wada. The school has around 1000 students and there was no library, hence, our NSS unit collected around 300 story books from the stakeholders of college.
  • This year volunteers celebrated Rakshabandhan at orphanage. Girls tied rakhi to children and then they were engaged with one minute games.
  • Share with care drive - As every year old clothes, toys and stationery were collected from college stakeholders and same was distributed at our adopted village (Belvadi). The villagers were very happy to receive so many things
  • On the occasion of Makar Sankranti a Haldi Kunku was organised at Belvadi. Approximately 50 ladies were a part of the programme. Ladies were made play one minute games and then ladoos and gifts were distributed among them.
  • EVENT : Prakruti Mitra

    To maintain the ecological balance and protect mother earth various eco friendly activities were conducted by NSS Unit of our college.

    1. Paper bag and cloth bag making and distribution
    2. Tree plantation
    3. Beach Cleaning

    EVENT : Sneh Adhar

    NSS Unit of our college has adopted BMC School, Poisar to conduct regular activities. Every day 8-10 volunteers visit the school and help weak students in their studies. Volunteers also motivate them to participate in various curricular activities

    1. Teaching at BMC School
    2. Wall painting