Background of the college

Background of the college

Nirmala Foundation College of Commerce marked its beginning in the year 2005 – 06. Centrally and strategically located in Malad (East), the idea of a  college was construed by the Visionary educationalist and Founder Mr. Thakorbhai N. Desai, fondly called “Dadaji”. The realization of the dream of providing affordable quality education come to fruition by the sustained efforts of Madam Aruna Desai, the Director of the college who is revered for her dynamism, philanthropic attitude and social commitment to the cause of providing affordable education.

NMFC Junior College of Commerce and Shanti Devi Shukla Junior College of Science were started in 2005 – 06 with four divisions of XIth Commerce and two    divisions of Science. From this humble beginning, the college made rapid strides in increasing the number of divisions and was continuously in an expansion mode. In 2007 -08 a new division of XIth Commerce was added followed by sixth and seventh divisions in 2008 – 09. In 2009 – 10 one more division of Commerce was added followed by two more divisions in 2010 – 11,thus completing 10 divisions of XIth Commerce. In 2014 – 15 and 2015 – 16 two more additional divisions of Science were added to the existing two divisions, taking the total tally to four divisions. The college has a well equipped computer lab and science labs for the conduct of practicals. At present, in the commerce section of Junior college there is an aggregate of 2400 students and 960 students in the science stream, thus taking the total tally of students to 3360.

The increased demand for a degree college to accommodate the students from the Junior College led to the starting of Nirmala College of Commerce (Degree College) in the year 2007 – 08. Though it started with a single division, it grew to 2 divisions in 2008 – 09 and became four in 2009 – 10. In all there were four divisions of FY, SY and TY divisions, with 1440 students.

The college has all the basic facilities for nurturing the youth and imparting education. The teachers encourage and guide students in their various activities. Besides curricular activities and programs, the college offers ample opportunities for the students to grow through co-curricular and extracurricular activities, which enable development of personality The college conducts debates, elocution and essay completions, quiz competition, interactions with expert in various fields of education and industry , which enable the students to get exposure as well as knowledge to hone their skills. The teachers guide the students and supervise the students which helps them realize their potential in various fields. The college also provides a conducive environment for the budding artists by way of holding competition in painting, dancing, music and other art forms. The students are given ample opportunities to showcase their talents and sharpen their skills. The Annual Event “Nirmala Week” provides the students to showcase their talents and skills.

The college has a very active N.S.S. unit with 100 volunteers. The following activities are held with great fervour.

  • Blood Donation
  • 7 days residential camp in the adopted tribal village in KarelaPada, Vasai District, Palghar.
  • Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan and activities related to social welfare.
  • Helping in traffic control and social awareness programs.

A good number of our students are also enrolled in N.C.C. The “Annual Sports Event” of the college which is hosted in Sai Ground for a week is the highlight of extracurricular activities. This event attracts a large number of sports enthusiasts and professional training is imparted to the students and effective supervision is done by trainers to elicit the best in students. The management of the college and the staff endeavor to give the best to the students so that they can face the challenges in future.  The college management is supported and guided by its very dynamic Chairman Mr. Denis Desai and a very proactive and innovative Secretary Mrs. Dhara Desai who are committed to take the college forward in its journey to emerge as one of the top educational institutions in Mumbai.